Small Biz IT

Most Small Businesses are at risk of irrecoverable data loss.

Many Small Businesses are unaware of their potential data loss and how easy it is to reduce or eliminate the risk entirely!

How can this happen? Small Businesses have insurance to protect them from unexpected business location or equipment damage costs. Some insurance policies have a provision to financially compensate for computer related losses. This can lead to a misunderstanding that the insurance is protecting against data loss. However, no action has been taken to reduce or prevent data loss at all. How bad is this misunderstanding? Protecting and being able to recover your small business client list is totally different from being unable to recover your client list at all and the insurance company compensating your business for the loss of the client list.

How do you protect your small business data?

Contact me today! I provide a confidential data loss assessment for your small business including recommendations to follow and provide additional assistance for a fee if you need it.